Tolerance and harmony

Promoting a common vision for tolerance and harmony among all Religions in Sri Lanka” (Religious Amity)


  1. Attitudinal change and understanding among the public on the importance of Religious Tolerance.
  2. Greater understanding the respect for Freedom of worship and practice of all religions.
  3. Religious tension eased and protective actions initiated by inter Religious Forums 

(IRF) at Villages to take part in the process of promoting Religious Harmony island Wide.

  1. Equal opportunities created for Children and Youth of both Genders in the villages to take part in the process of promoting Religious Harmony Island wide.
  2. The Approach, the process and the experience of Caritas Sri Lanka For Religious Amity Becomes a model and example to other organizations and countries with Similar Context.

Where: Negombo.

Duration: 2015 October to 2020 December.

Activity: Number of competitions held to disseminate messages on common religious values (Art Competitions) (3 Competitions in each DC)

  • Number of Children’s and Youth Societies established in the DC level to promote Religious Amity    (1 Children’s Society and 1 Youth Society) 
  • Number of Monthly Activities for Children’s and Youth Societies (10 Activities) 
  • Number of exhibitions held to promote Religious Harmony at the Diocesan Level (1 Exhibition in     each DC
  • Number of Visibility and IEC materials produced to promote inter religious harmony

Responsibility: Religious Harmony prevails at village and Diocesan level through understanding and accepting ‘Unity in Diversity’ among different religious faith communities by 2020

 Project Coordinator : Mr.P.A.D. Lalith S. Kumara