Micro Finance


Rebuild the income earning potential within the target families in the sustainable manner.


SHG groups of all other projects


  • Livelihood Development through revolving fund.
  • Improve institutional capacity of   the target Communities required to support their Livelihoods.
  • Improved income for Target Groups and families.


2018.09.25 to 2019.09.30 (concluded)


Responsibility:   100 Groups will be capacitated and strengthen in the Credit Culture.

  • 500 SHG members will be trained on Small Business Management.
  • 500 members will start or enhance their business
  • 60 members will receive Loan facility for Enhance their business.

Project Coordinator: Mr.I.M.J.U.B. Illangasinghe.

Finance Officer     : Ms.U.Nelum Shalika Perera