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The Objectives and Activities

01. To improve the access to information for the migrant workers at different stages of the migration cycle. ( pre – departure preparation, working and living in a foreign country , returning and reintegration)

02. To increase the availability of legal services to the migrants and their families.

03. To increase the availability of psychosocial services to the migrants and their families.

04. To facilitate family development plan for the migrant families using the Appreciative Inquiry Approach during the Pre-Departure period.

05. To promote gender equality in the home and overall family wellbeing.

06. To make the migrant families financially literate which capacitates the families to use their savings, earnings to improve the quality of the family.

7. To ensure the protection of the children / adolescents of migrant families through the community structures.

08. To promote the community partnership with the relevant government agencies engaged in the field of labour migration.

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