Healing and Reconciliation

Formation of Regional Peace Forums: Healing and Reconciliation – Journey towards a Sustainable National Level Movement


Objective 1: To mobilize and form village-level 26 vigilant committees (13 Tamil speaking areas and 13 in Sinhala speaking areas) to support the early identification of barriers for social cohesion, reconciliation and ethnic/religious harmony.

Objective 2: To organize Regional-level Peace Forums (comprising of one or more Districts) to discuss and resolve problems identified by the Vigilant Committees.

Objective 3:  To build networking relations with other CSOs involved in peace building and religious amity to find joint solutions that can be resolved at the regional-level.

Objective 4: To bring regional-level issues and challenges to the attention of relevant national-level ministries, university faculties (Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences), religious leaders and CSOs for advocacy and to compliment Government’s initiative to establish a “Just Sri Lankan Society”.

Where: Hanwella and Adiambalama.

Duration: 1st September 2018 to September 2020.

Responsibility:   contribute to a peaceful Sri Lanka by promoting mutual respect of both ethnicities       at the Village level, and at regional and national levels

Activty : At least 40% of barriers for social cohesion, reconciliation and ethnic / religious harmony are removed and / or solved by Vigilant Committees

  • At least 50% of the issues brought forward by the Vigilant Committees are resolved at regional level
  • Number of dialogue sessions / meetings held by civil – society groups with relevant ministries
  • Number of contributions by Civil Society groups towards governmental peace initiatives

Project Coordinator : Mr.L.Ranjith Silva.